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KARIT Accountants Limited is a member of the highly recognized global body of professional accountants; ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).We are a dynamic, pro-active and expanding accountancy practice based in east London. We believe that the capital of a professional service firm resides in its people and their knowledge. Our partners and staffs have a wealth of experience and qualifications related to their particular area of expertise and we ensure all our staffs are kept up to date by attendance of relevant in-house training and external courses for continuous professional development (CPD). This ensures that the advice we give you is always up to date and appropriate for your business. We are proud of our experienced team members who are really enthusiastic in supporting clients in a huge variety of circumstances. We offer a wide range of services to our clients and can draw on a wealth of experience and expertise of many areas. From budgeting and financial planning for the future, to assistance in raising finance, we can assist your business in every aspect of its daily life. To stand out from our competitors we give our client added value where possible in a professional and confidential manner. We work with many businesses, from entrepreneurial start-ups to well established companies. Our clients work in many sectors of the economy and they include Private Colleges, Solicitor Firms, Not for profit organisations, Telecom companies, Restaurants and different types of SMEs. Whatever business you are in, we can always help you.